Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Workspace Design: office furniture influences work dynamics

Office furniture design plays a very important role because the environment that will be configured can greatly affect the working and relational dynamics of users. How? The physical characteristics of work spaces must be studied in detail not only for…

installazione phone booth per ufficio open space - riganelli

Office Furniture

Why should you have a phone booth in your open space office?

The phone booth is a new element that has quickly become very important for the open-plan office because of its many features. But let's first see what it is. The phone booth is a booth that can be placed inside…

riconfigurazione uffici operativi - riganelli

Office Furniture

Reconfiguration of Operations Offices

The use of partition walls to divide space allows reconfiguration of office layouts at any time. In fact, this partition system, as opposed to masonry walls, is an ideal flexible solution to support business evolution. Whether it is for logistical…

ufficio per le persone Selab sofa divanetto seduta informale per l'ufficio - riganelli

Office Furniture

We design the Office for People

The office is where most of the day is spent, so it must necessarily be an environment where People spend good time. Good time means quality time that is efficient and productive from a work standpoint, but also satisfying in…

progettazione arredo ufficio - riganelli

Office Furniture

Evolving business organization: the role of office furniture

The business strategy review may result in the decision to make a disruption, or rather an evolution of the business organization, whether it relates to hierarchy or division into areas or new activities. For the process of transformation to be…

complementi di arredo per l'area relax collettività - riganelli

Office Furniture

Relaxation area: why to have it and how to furnish it

The relaxation area is a new strategic area to consider when designing a new workspace, but also when reconfiguring an existing environment. Why is it so important? The relaxation area can serve many functions. Taking a break. The relaxation area…

Lavoro d'uffici organizzato in modo intelligente_riganelli rivenditore sedus

Office Furniture

Space planning: Office Work Organized in a Smart Way

The world of work is constantly changing, which is why it makes sense to have an intelligently organized office. Workspace design becomes part of business strategy, playing a key role in supporting business processes. So selecting flexible furniture solutions is…


Office Furniture

Increasing Corporate Productivity With Workstations.

One particular theory on how to increase productivity and collaboration in the office is based on workstation rotation. What does it consist of? Periodically moving workers from desk to desk, placing them side by side with ever "different" groups of…

ufficio spazi di confronto se works divanetto circolare per collettività -riganelli

Office Furniture

Office: discussion spaces for daily improvement

Technology and innovation have fostered the development of new forms of work that no longer require a fixed location. Offices therefore have been reconfigured to ensure social distance between workers. The reduction of unnecessary workstations, as they were replaced with…

l'importanza delle relazioni in ufficio - riganelli

Office Furniture

The importance of designing office relationships

The health emergency due to covid-19 has disrupted office work and especially relationships. In fact, human relationships have been the main victims of this epidemiological phenomenon that has dictated the new rules of social distancing. When returning to the office,…

scrivania multipostazione ENTITY-Workstations-con-profilo-attrezzato-Riganelli-Uffici

Office Furniture

Multi-station desk: functionality and innovation for the operational office

The multi-station desk is an innovative and functional solution for the office task area. What is it all about? It is an extremely configurable operating system that can give rise to numerous workstations through the use of modular elements. The…

Office Furniture

Do you want good advice?

At Riganelli, we accompany our clients in their purchase, putting the expertise we have acquired over the years in the office sector at their service. Good advice: this is precisely our added value. When the time comes to furnish or…

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