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A step toward sustainable furniture and design

In a context in which attention to the environment and sustainability are becoming increasingly essential, the company Riganelli, a leader in the design and furnishing of offices and workspaces, announces the launch of “GreenLights.”

This innovative project stems from the desire to support companies during their transition to environmentally sustainable solutions, promoting reduced environmental impact and greater social responsibility.

GreenLights: an opportunity for ethical and economic growth

The goal of GreenLights is to offer companies the opportunity to increase their economic, cultural and ethical value through the creation of sustainable workspaces designed with the future in mind.

Through this project, companies will be able to stand out for their commitment to environmental protection by adopting solutions that respond to current global challenges.

Banconi alti per ufficio -riganelli

The environmentally sustainable office: a necessity, not a style choice

Sustainability is not just an aesthetic issue, but a real need.

Riganelli with the GreenLights project wants to reiterate the importance of adopting a sustainable approach in the design of work spaces, aware that such an office represents a long-term investment in the well-being of people and the environment.

The choice of eco-friendly materials and solutions should not be considered an optional extra, but a prerequisite for responsible design that is mindful of future generations.

Klia sedie in plastica per uffici -riganelli

Environmentally and health-friendly certified materials and furniture

To ensure the effectiveness of the GreenLights project, Riganelli is committed to carefully selecting environmentally friendly materials and furnishings that are certified for their quality and safety.

The choice of these products is aimed at improving the health and well-being of the people who work in these spaces, ensuring a comfortable and healthy working environment.

Comfort and innovation: the pillars of the sustainable office

The GreenLights project not only promotes sustainability, but also places great emphasis on the importance of comfort and innovation.

Every product and solution proposed by Riganelli meets criteria of functionality and space optimization, ensuring the best conditions for the development of an efficient and stimulating work environment.

GreenLights represents, therefore, a step forward in the creation of workspaces that perfectly combine sustainability, well-being and productivity.

The Environmentally Sustainable Waiting

kicca one 2nd life sedie in plastica riciclata -riganelli
Meeting and Waiting Armchairs
Kicca One 2nd Life is a sustainable seat made from the regeneration of post-consumer plastics. Its distinctive Desert Sage green color features a unique texture where small black dots and slight haloes show its origins as a sustainable, recycled and recyclable product. The structure is ringed with a glass fiber that enhances its technical performance.
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