The acoustically comfortable environment.

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Acoustic well-being is one of the most important factors determining the quality of life within the work space.

Acoustic+ takes care of this.

When we are designing new work spaces or reconfiguration interventions, we always also evaluate the acoustic aspect, setting ourselves the goal of creating acoustically comfortable environments.

What does “acoustically comfortable environment” mean?

Acoustically comfortable is that environment in which there is no constant background that increases in intensity to the point where communication and concentration are difficult.

The presence of reverberation is an underestimated element that if neglected can lead to major negative consequences such as decreased productivity or loss of consumer loyalty.

Our valuable working tool is sound absorption. It allows us to acoustically correct the affected environment by taking the form best suited to the context from time to time.

onde sonore riverbero correzione acustica - riganelli

How does the acoustic correction take place?

Through a study of the environment we assess to what extent to intervene and what kind of soundproofing solution to install.

There are numerous systems: panels, curtains, fabrics and other decorative elements. This variety of solutions allows us to intervene even where there is pre-existing furniture without impacting the aesthetics and style of the environment.



installazione pannelli fonoassorbenti per ristoranti locali pub bar - riganelli
Acoustic correction intervention – Restaurant
The problem of glare in restaurants is now well known and recognized as a factor that negatively affects the quality of service. A real nuisance, which goes to affect the relaxation of the moment of break and leisure. What exactly takes place? As anticipated in our article Acoustic Comfort: a step toward success, “when the sound wave collides with a surface and comes back, the phenomenon of reflection occurs. If the incident wave and the reflected wave overlap, they give…
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