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Soundproof design: we design Acoustic Comfort.

Table of ContentsWhy is it so important?Some technical aspectsAcoustic performance and furnishing performance

When we carry out an inspection to furnish or renovate a room, in addition to taking measurements and other useful factors, we also assess whether or not there is a need for acoustic correction.

Why is it so important?

Acoustic comfort is now among the most important factors of well-being in the work environment, both from the customer’s point of view, as the positive experience motivates them to return, and from the worker’s point of view, who produces more in a comfortable situation.

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Some technical aspects

We always talk about reverberation correction, but let’s look specifically at what it is.

Reverberation is nothing more than the reflection of sound that occurs when it collides with a surface and returns.

The time measured in seconds that sound takes to decay by a value of 60 dB is called “reverberation time” or, indeed, T₆₀.

What is reverberation time generated by?

There are two main factors:

  1. Geometry of the room: symmetry and large volumes promote the reflection effect of sound, lengthening the reverberation time.
  2. Surface type: porous or fibrous materials such as wood and textiles are able to absorb sound, as opposed to rigid surfaces that repel it.
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Acoustic performance and furnishing performance

Acoustic correction requires real design work. In fact, we first carry out a technical analysis to “quantify” the sound-absorbing surface area required for successful intervention. Then we identify the ideal sound-absorbing solutions for the situation under consideration.

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The products we choose and use are certified and guaranteed. We have a wide range of soundproofing solutions including panels, fabrics, wallpaper, lighting points, accessories and design objects.

Thus, aesthetics are merged with technical requirements to achieve an efficient result. Sound absorbing elements are chosen and imagined in endless configurations, taking on a new image from design to design.

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Flat pannelli acustici snowsound - riganelli
Pannelli fonoassorbenti design per ufficio snowsound - riganelli

Acoustic correction interventions can thus be discreet or decidedly visible at the customer’s request, but always in keeping with the environment in which they are carried out.

Our sound-absorbing solutions are ideal for all types of environments, from offices to stores, from restaurants to homes. Design acoustic panels that blend in with existing furnishings, enhancing their colors and harmony, often becoming true pictures.

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We perform acoustic correction surgeries!

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