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Office Furniture

Why should you have a phone booth in your open space office?

The phone booth is a new element that has quickly become very important for the open-plan office because of its many features. But let's first see what it is. The phone booth is a booth that can be placed inside…

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How to Acoustically Correct an Environment

How do you acoustically correct a room? To acoustically correct a room, it is appropriate to intervene with appropriate sound-absorbing solutions. Let us first look at some basic concepts. What is sound absorption? Sound absorption is the ability of a…

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Soundproofing vs Sound Insulation: do you know the differences?

Very often there is a tendency to confuse soundproofing with sound insulation, but in fact they are quite different interventions both in their objectives and implementation. Sound insulation Soundproofing is carried out for the purpose of limiting the spread of…

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Acoustic correction intervention – Restaurant

The problem of glare in restaurants is now well known and recognized as a factor that negatively affects the quality of service. A real nuisance, which goes to affect the relaxation of the moment of break and leisure. What exactly…

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Office Furniture

Soundproof design: we design Acoustic Comfort.

When we carry out an inspection to furnish or renovate a room, in addition to taking measurements and other useful factors, we also assess whether or not there is a need for acoustic correction. Why is it so important? Acoustic…

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