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Riganelli Concept Store.

An immersive experience in the world of quality furniture.

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The Riganelli Concept Store is an enveloping and harmonious experiential space designed to convey to visitors the passion and awareness with which the company chooses the elements that make up its designs.

Through an immersive pathway, visitors will be able to understand the value of the beautiful and the good, appreciating the details that make a difference in the quality and functionality of the furniture on offer.

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A place of discovery and learning

The Riganelli Concept Store was conceived as a place to try, understand and learn about and recognize the details that distinguish quality furniture.

In this space, visitors can experience firsthand the care and attention that Riganelli devotes to the selection of materials, finishes and details, thus getting closer to the very essence of the company and its philosophy.

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A showcase for innovation and sustainability

The Riganelli Concept Store is not only a place to admire furniture, but also a showcase for the latest innovations and sustainable solutions the company offers.

Visitors will have the opportunity to discover products made with eco-friendly materials, ergonomic furniture and design solutions that respect the environment and promote people’s well-being.

In this way, Riganelli demonstrates its commitment to finding cutting-edge solutions that respect nature and people.

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A personalized experience

At the Riganelli Concept Store, visitors can enjoy a personalized experience with the help of our expert consultants who will guide them to discover the products and solutions best suited to their needs.

This approach allows for a direct link between the customer and the company, establishing a relationship of trust and collaboration that goes beyond the simple sale of furniture.

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An invitation to experience furniture in a different way

The Concept Store represents an invitation to experience furniture in a different way, going beyond pure aesthetics and discovering the value and quality behind each project.

It is a unique and engaging experience that allows you to get closer to the Riganelli universe and fully appreciate the passion and commitment that distinguish the company in the quality furniture sector.

Indeed, in this exhibition space you have the opportunity to interact directly with the best design products, carefully selected, interpreted and explained by the company’s team of designers.

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