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What does it mean for us to design a work environment?

Properly designing a work environment means contributing to corporate “well-being.”

For this reason, in order to develop a viable solution, it is advisable to first set clear objectives.

These can be functionality and the right distribution of space, the development of a productive environment that stimulates collaboration, a design dedicated to aesthetics that enhances the corporate image, the creation of a healthy office, and many others.

Thus, it is clear the importance and role of the office, in its form and furniture, which in the past were considered merely accessory complements.

The first stage is listening to the Client.

This is the most important phase. It is the time when we gather all the information about the client’s needs and the space available, in order to define the goals we mentioned at the beginning.

So it is advisable to devote all the necessary time to this phase, through meetings and continuous confrontations with the client.

It is worth noting that very often the company involves an external professional who acts as an intermediary in all stages of design. This has positive aspects and negative aspects.

Among the positive aspects is the ease of dialogue between subjects in the “trade.”

On the other hand, among the negative aspects we have the reduced contact with the final client, so that it is complicated to detect all the requirements of the case.

To overcome this problem, we advise our clients to come to us together with the professional, so that we can align ourselves on the work to be done.

The second stage is the analysis of the collected data.

Once all the information has been gathered, our interior designers set to work to develop theoretical models of the environment to be designed or furnished.

This phase requires a careful study of the problems to be solved in relation to the needs expressed by the client and the objectives set.

The construction of new offices or the renovation of pre-existing ones is an opportunity to evaluate and study the most suitable layout for the various business tasks.

Layout plays an important role in the fluidity of processes, thus contributing to the functionality of the working environment.

As with the listening phase, it is important for us to have contact with both the client and all other professionals involved. In this way, it is possible to arrange the planting according to the layout without resorting, at the furniture design stage, to “at the good” corrective measures or, in situations that cannot be changed, to give up the desired configuration.

The third stage is design.

This is the moment when ideas are finally given substance. Through the use of software we process the design in 3D, configuring a preview of the rooms we are going to furnish.

We carefully choose the most suitable products and finishes according to type, colors but also price range, configuring cheaper solutions up to the inclusion of more valuable brands. The brands we choose are the result of a careful selection we have been carrying out for years in relation to the quality and reliability of the products.

The fourth stage is the presentation and review of the project.

At this stage we present our project to the client. Through visualization of renders we compare ourselves as best we can in order to optimize and refine our intervention.

We then make any corrective measures and finalize the project.

The fifth stage is the direction of the work and care of the assembly.

We proceed with the operational phase, monitoring and coordinating all the various stages of installation, assembly and realization of the designed environments.

In our team we have qualified and reliable personnel who take care of the assembly of the purchased furniture, in full compliance with safety and with the necessary technical skills. We thus take care of our projects from the first contact with the client to the delivery of the completed work, monitoring and coordinating all phases.

riganelli arredo ufficio negozi logistica industriale a corridonia di macerata
montaggio pavimento in pvc - riganelli

The sixth and final stage is post-sale optimization.

Our work does not end with the delivery and assembly of the furniture, but goes further.

In fact, once the work is done, we are used to return to the furnished space with our designers and technicians to check the quality standards.

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In addition, each of our design or furniture solutions can be further developed and expanded as the customer’s needs change.

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