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Luigi Riganelli founded the company and on 07.01.1965 Luigi Riganelli’s Scaff-Auto was born, a company producing metal shelving, initially aimed at the containment of automobile parts and small metal parts. Parallel activity that of automotive spare parts that Luigi Riganelli has been engaged in since the beginning of his working career.


In 1970 Luigi Riganelli at only 43 years of age was awarded the honor of Cavaliere Del Lavoro by President of the Republic Giuseppe Saragat, a nomination as much appreciated by the family as it was downplayed by him.


Expansion of production to other types of metal shelving, for archives, warehouses, self-service, strong reach and industrial with distribution in the national market. Also began to furnish the first offices of companies that purchased shelving for their warehouses and furnished their offices with our furniture, then almost exclusively metal.


In 1985 we opened our first exhibition of office furniture exclusively in Macerata. Rather unusual opening at the time, but it was a time when professionals and companies were beginning to care about the pleasant and welcoming image of their offices.


In this year we make a large investment in the purchase of a CAD system for design. A real revolution for the time: we were one of the first companies in central Italy to own such an innovative and advanced tool.


In 1998 among the pioneers of the Web we made our first website where we advertised not only shelving and offices but also store furniture, and thus began a slow and gradual business transformation.


This date 21.04.2001 is engraved in our hearts because the owner Luigi Riganelli passed away and the company, after an initial phase of hereditary succession, continued the business with his daughter Rubia who had already been working alongside her father for years.

This also initiated a new management generation that has been leading the company ever since with a philosophy oriented toward functional, comfortable and sustainable design and furniture.


First e-commerce. In this year we begin online sales of our products nationwide.


Yet another important date for the company as it transforms into a Limited Liability Company (S.R.L.) with some long-time employees and young recruits joining the company as partners, who with passion and expertise will continue the journey of this ancient and modern company in continuous evolution. The future is online, we will live it together with you!

The company

In 1965 the history of Riganelli began as a manufacturer of metal shelving through the “Scaff-auto” brand.

Over time, Riganelli changes and innovates, distinguishing itself as a company attentive to various social changes, technological innovation and, above all, to the needs of the customer, knowing how to concretely translate them into functional and modern furniture solutions.

Today the company is a leader and benchmark in office furniture, store furniture, industrial logistics and contract furniture. Thorough business consulting, careful technical planning and efficient after-sales service make the quality of our service unique.


The Riganelli company offers services designed for all types of users and needs. In addition to the study and supply of the furniture elements, it also takes care of the management of all the companies and workers useful for the realization of the project.

Starting from a careful and precise analysis of the customer’s different needs, the Riganelli project is born, which includes careful structuring of both pre-sales and post-sales phases.
The different phases of project realization range from sales consulting and technical planning to assistance during the work, with special attention to delivery and assembly, which are always carried out by in-house and highly specialized personnel.

Riganelli is a company that, thanks to its fifty years of experience in the field, offers both stability and innovation in devoting itself to and interpreting current and unconventional livability projects in office, store and industrial logistics.

Riganelli is affiliated with MEPA – Public Administration’s Electronic Marketplace, a digital marketplace for Public Administration, where registered P.A.’s can search, compare and acquire goods and services offered by supplier companies enabled to submit their catalogs on the system.


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