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Design and furnishing of offices, stores, home and industrial logistics.

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Our Realizations

Riganelli is a leading furniture company, specializing in the design and creation of workplaces, stores, homes and innovative logistics solutions.

Based in the Marche region of Italy, Riganelli boasts a qualified team of expert designers dedicated to creating furniture solutions that combine design, functionality, sustainability and ergonomics.

The company’s main goal is to improve the work, shopping and living experience, promoting the well-being and productivity of clients

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We design furniture for People

Riganelli’s achievements are a testament to the company’s commitment to transforming spaces through a thoughtful and personalized approach.

The projects and realizations are distinguished by the use of designer furniture, made from sustainable and certified materials, and by the choice of ergonomic solutions that guarantee comfort and health for people.

Each environment designed by the _RiganelliLAB, or Riganelli’s team of designers is the result of a careful analysis of the needs of clients and users, combined with a deep knowledge of industry trends and best practices in terms of sustainability and ergonomics.

Riganelli is also involved in industrial logistics, offering shelving and space organization solutions to optimize efficiency and productivity.

arredo ufficio con scrivanie elevabili e sedute operative ergonomiche - riganelli

Thanks to this vision, Riganelli has contributed to the success of numerous projects, including coworking spaces, offices, stores, housing, and logistics solutions in Italy and abroad, solidifying its reputation as an ideal partner for creating cutting-edge and responsible environments.


progettazione e realizzazione uffici e pareti divisorie in provincia di macerata - riganelli
Office Furniture
Workspace: design and implementation
Designing a workspace is always a new experience. In fact, each design must reflect a precise identity, that of the business concept it houses. There could be three case histories: designing a new environment for a new business; design a new environment for an existing activity; transform the environment of an existing activity. In each situation we come across very different realities. In the first case the business project is being born, we can only imagine it and we have…
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