The right balance between aesthetics and functionality.

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Store design must take into account many factors, especially in the area of space optimization, and our design team knows this well.

A decisive factor in the design of retail spaces is the right balance between aesthetics, which is useful for personalizing one’s brand with a unique identity, and the functionality of spaces, which is essential for properly “living” all rooms.

Success through Furniture

We place great importance on the design of display spaces. The quality and success of a store, is also determined by the usability of the space and the products that are displayed in it.

Very often, we are called upon to design environments with custom-made furniture.

We carry out this task with great creativity and awareness, strengthened by a network of skilled workers established over the years.

Identifying the most suitable furniture system for the type of business is very important in order to exploit its full potential.

Clothing stores, grocery stores, stationery stores, housewares, cosmetics, DIY – do-it-yourself, pharmacies, tobacco shops, and more: each business has its own different display needs and requires a different approach to the target customer.

Our Shop Project

Our store design evaluates all these aspects to return to the customer the best solution in terms of functionality and aesthetics, including the study of the layout and furnishing accessories best suited to the individual case: sales counters, basketry, mirrors, stenders, display cases, etc.

Some of our Realizations


Rinnovo arredo negozio - riganelli
Renovating the decor of the Shop is a winning investment
Renovating store decor is definitely a winning investment. Very often the business evolves but the furniture still expresses the same image-remember that the historicity of a business comes from experience and people, not furniture. Refreshing the place where you welcome customers is a great way to revive the business. In fact, the renovation of the venue is in itself an advertising campaign. For this reason it is a great opportunity and should be taken full advantage of. First of all,…
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