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Renovating the decor of the Shop is a winning investment

Table of ContentsHow to intervene?Point of sale: a multisensory experience

Renovating store decor is definitely a winning investment.

Very often the business evolves but the furniture still expresses the same image-remember that the historicity of a business comes from experience and people, not furniture.

Refreshing the place where you welcome customers is a great way to revive the business.

In fact, the renovation of the venue is in itself an advertising campaign. For this reason it is a great opportunity and should be taken full advantage of.

First of all, it is essential to turn to professionals in order to revisit and reorganize the space in the best possible way, always keeping in mind all those factors that are useful to attract customers.

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How to intervene?


Revamping your storefront is the first step in informing potential customers that something inside has changed. Choose a new layout that represents you, including through the use of background panels with textures and colors that are interchangeable over time. The important thing is that the message is clear: otherwise it can neither be grasped nor understood.


The organization of space and therefore also the arrangement of furniture, if designed correctly, meet numerous needs: the welcoming of the customer, the development of a guided path that makes the entire sales area productive, increase the customers’ stay in the store by instilling in them the memory of a positive experience.

Colors and Lighting.

The choice of colors and lighting inside the store is strategic from both an aesthetic and an emotional point of view. In fact, the right balance of tones and lighting allows you to enhance the merchandise on display, make the space appear larger, but most importantly, it makes the environment more relaxing and comfortable, prolonging the visit.

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Point of sale: a multisensory experience

Stores today are designed with the aim of providing a multisensory experience for the customer.

What does it mean?

Sense stimulation is used to convey positive emotion to visitors, which can influence their consumption habits.


  • the sight: a careful study of the arrangement of goods allows you to attract customers through shapes and colors;
  • the sense of hearing: background music helps to create a welcoming and relaxing environment, but pay attention to the volume;
  • the sense of smell: the scent inside the store helps develop a positive memory of the shopping experience, encouraging its replication;
  • the sense of touch: what differentiates the physical store from the digital store. Touching, trying and taking the product in hand stimulates the need to buy.

The design of the place where you welcome clients is crucial to the performance of your business. For this reason, it is important to always turn to professionals who know how to combine the aesthetic and practical aspects, without forgetting the productivity factor.

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