Industrial Logistics

Shelving for every need and use.

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Riganelli since 1965

The world of racking or, properly speaking, Industrial Logistics is the business with which we were born more than 50 years ago.

We have always followed this sector, and with it also the functional and technological changes.

It is part of the company DNA and still represents one of the most important areas of our business.

Shelving for every need and use

We design shelving for every need and use, from lightweight shelving to high-strength and high-performance industrial shelving, from compactable archives to automated warehouses, creating safe, certified environments that meet the required standards.


magazzino automatico stoccaggio intensivo materiali - riganelli
Automated Warehouse: productivity, savings and security
New intelligent solutions for large warehouses make it possible to tailor systems relatively to every space and capacity requirement. When there is a need to store large quantities of more or less bulky goods, industrial shelving can be replaced or supplemented with automated systems that can simplify picking and storage processes, save floor space and increase operator safety. There are different solutions to choose from depending on the type of business being conducted. Multi-column vertical warehouse The multi-column vertical warehouse…
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