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The potential of store shelving

Table of ContentsWhat are its potentials?

Store shelving is the most flexible tool for enhancing the value of products on display.

This type of shelving is ideal for furnishing supermarkets, hardware stores, stationery stores, pet stores, etc.: all those stores where you have display needs of small, medium and large sales areas.

Extreme modularity and vast assortment of accessories: a furniture system that simplifies space management and layout definition.

What are its potentials?

Some marketing techniques explain how it is possible to stimulate the desire to purchase the products displayed on this type of shelving, also called supermaket shelving.

In particular, three areas are identified where goods are perceived differently.

Gondola (lane)

Here products can be arranged according to the rules of shelf marketing. What is this all about?

The arrangement of goods is not geared toward facilitating consumers but is intended to influence their choices. Products of the most famous and expensive brands are placed on the central shelves, at eye level. Easy to see and pick up.

The most affordable products are placed at the top or bottom, in the hardest to reach places.

Gondola header

Gondola head refers to the beginning and end of each lane. This point belongs to the “hot” area, i.e., an area with a high passing index. For this reason, the displayed products should be replaced on a regular basis.

This mechanism attracts customers by influencing their curiosity. In these small spaces, one gets the impression that one can find “the bargain.”


In the checkout route, along which users wait their turn to pay, the emphasis is on impulse buying. In fact, low-cost products are displayed that appeal to both adults and children.

According to a scientific study, at the end of the path, customers feel less guilty about further purchases and tend to treat themselves to something.

Finally, by carefully designing the layout of the shelves, obligatory paths can be developed through which to lead customers from the entrance to the checkout. In this way, all areas will be “hot,” thus patrolled by visitors.


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