Industrial Logistics

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Industrial Logistics

Making die-cut rack shelving

Riganelli has been in the metal shelving business since its inception in 1965. Initially a manufacturer and now a reseller, Riganelli designs solutions for industrial and domestic use, devoting itself to the safety of environments and the best management of…

Scaffalatura per negozi - riganelli

Industrial Logistics

The potential of store shelving

Store shelving is the most flexible tool for enhancing the value of products on display. This type of shelving is ideal for furnishing supermarkets, hardware stores, stationery stores, pet stores, etc.: all those stores where you have display needs of…

magazzino automatico stoccaggio intensivo materiali - riganelli

Industrial Logistics

Automated Warehouse: productivity, savings and security

New intelligent solutions for large warehouses make it possible to tailor systems relatively to every space and capacity requirement. When there is a need to store large quantities of more or less bulky goods, industrial shelving can be replaced or…

archivio compattabile

Industrial Logistics

Compactable Archive.

The space one needs to carry out the activity costs a lot both in terms of management and economically, the bigger it is, the more it costs! Organizing in less and less space to place the archive or warehouse is…

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