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Making die-cut rack shelving

Table of ContentsThe intervention

Riganelli has been in the metal shelving business since its inception in 1965.

Initially a manufacturer and now a reseller, Riganelli designs solutions for industrial and domestic use, devoting itself to the safety of environments and the best management of space.

Through the use of industrial shelving, it carries out custom work for the furnishing of warehouses, depots and other rooms used for the storage of goods.

Through the use of light shelving, on the other hand, it furnishes offices, stores, home environments, bookstores, libraries and all those spaces where the products to be stored or displayed have a low weight.

The intervention

We were contacted by a box factory in the province of Macerata that needed to organize its warehouse in such a way as to store and catalog the many die-cuts used daily in the company’s operations so that they could be easily located.

The project proposal

Riganelli made the die rack by developing a custom design using industrial shelving.

Through the inclusion of accessory dividers it was possible to compose modules equipped for the insertion of dies.

Scaffalatura porta fustelle per scatolificio - riganelli

Thanks to the type of shelving used, it was possible to develop a structure capable of utilizing all available space, including height. The result is an efficient warehouse in total safety for workers.

Subsequently, we installed new modules to expand the shelving.

Scaffalatura industriale su misura per magazzino scatolificio - riganelli
Struttura scaffalatura porta fustelle per scatolificio - riganelli

Properly designing warehouse logistics can reduce waste of time, money and space. In small environments in particular, the use of industrial mezzanine racking or automated vertical warehouses solve the space problem without resorting to masonry work.

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