riconfigurazione uffici operativi - riganelli

Office Furniture

Reconfiguration of Operations Offices

The use of partition walls to divide space allows reconfiguration of office layouts at any time. In fact, this partition system, as opposed to masonry walls, is an ideal flexible solution to support business evolution. Whether it is for logistical…

installazione pannelli fonoassorbenti per ristoranti locali pub bar - riganelli


Acoustic correction intervention – Restaurant

The problem of glare in restaurants is now well known and recognized as a factor that negatively affects the quality of service. A real nuisance, which goes to affect the relaxation of the moment of break and leisure. What exactly…

progettazione negozio di ricambi banco vendita su misura - riganelli


Spare Parts Store Design and Implementation

The relocation of a business to new premises is an opportunity to be seized to refresh or totally renew the corporate image. In addition to the aesthetic point of view, it is an opportunity to analyze the organization of the…

progettazione e arredo uffici coworking open space - riganelli

Office Furniture

Design and Construction of Open Space Offices

How to design an open space office that does not include fixed workstations? The creation of an office with many operating workstations that are not assigned to the individual user must necessarily take into account the variability factor of users…

progettazione e realizzazione uffici e pareti divisorie in provincia di macerata - riganelli

Office Furniture

Workspace: design and implementation

Designing a workspace is always a new experience. In fact, each design must reflect a precise identity, that of the business concept it houses. There could be three case histories: designing a new environment for a new business; design a…

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Industrial Logistics

Making die-cut rack shelving

Riganelli has been in the metal shelving business since its inception in 1965. Initially a manufacturer and now a reseller, Riganelli designs solutions for industrial and domestic use, devoting itself to the safety of environments and the best management of…

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