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Workspace: design and implementation

Table of ContentsThe intervention

Designing a workspace is always a new experience. In fact, each design must reflect a precise identity, that of the business concept it houses.

There could be three case histories:

  • designing a new environment for a new business;
  • design a new environment for an existing activity;
  • transform the environment of an existing activity.

In each situation we come across very different realities.

  1. In the first case the business project is being born, we can only imagine it and we have to do it correctly.
  2. In the second case the study of the old environment helps us to understand the real needs of the people in it.
  3. In the third case we have to grasp the needs of the users in order to accurately intervene in an environment with already decided “boundaries,” intervening in all areas. If the changes do not cover the whole space in fact the innovative process may lose its effectiveness.

However, these three situations have one fundamental point in common: dialogue with people.

This is where all our work starts.

The intervention

Our client called us to design a new workspace for an existing business.

The entire area we worked on already included a space design.

So we were in charge of completing the subdivision of spaces for the development and furnishing of operational and commercial offices, a meeting room, and a recreation area.

disegno progetto realizzazione uffici - riganelli

The project proposal

We achieved the subdivision of space through the installation of glass partitions, a quick and less expensive solution than other masonry work. This allowed the entire room to appear larger and brighter, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

progettazione e realizzazione uffici contract - riganelli
cura del montaggio e presenza sul cantiere riganelli
arredo uffici con pareti divisorie in vetro - riganelli

We chose to use operating systems for the offices, mainly because of their functionality and flexibility of use. Thus we have provided single and multi-station workstations, always guaranteeing users privacy and concentration.

uffici operativi con pareti divisorie in vetro riganelli

For correct and suitable posture, we selected the Bursa Rete Evolution task chair: ergonomic seat with synchronized mechanism and seat/lumbar depth adjuster, mesh backrest and adjustable armrests.

The insertion of sound-absorbing panels enabled the acoustic improvement of the premises, providing greater comfort to users through the elimination of reverberation created in the shared space. An intervention that is gaining in importance due to recent studies that see acoustic problems among the most frequent causes of stress and reduced productivity.

To complement the offices, we provided drawer units, lockers for the storage of personal items, and coat racks.

montaggio pareti divisorie in vetro per uffici - riganelli
montaggio pareti divisori e mobili ufficio in provincia di macerata - riganelli
armadietti colorati lockers - riganelli

The project also included a recreational area for which we chose to include a practical one-piece kitchen, ideal for lunch breaks and other relaxing moments. Four white 80cm x 80cm tables will allow for one large top or multiple tops within the sharing area. Abuela chairs complete the room with color, comfort and practicality.

sala relax con cucina monoblocco per ufficio riganelli
cucina monoblocco con frigorifero per ufficio riganelli

Our intervention ended with the installation of technical blinds, which are ideal for modulating the outdoor light inside the office.

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