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Riganelli Lab is the innovative division of the Riganelli company, a leader in the design and furnishing of offices, stores and industrial logistics.

Young planners, architects and interior designers are committed to creating cutting-edge solutions to meet the increasingly complex needs of clients.

With a fresh and dynamic approach, Riganelli Lab transforms work and retail environments into functional and sustainable spaces that reflect the client’s philosophy and identity.

The method

Riganelli Lab’s working method is based on in-depth analysis of the client’s needs and collaboration among the team’s various experts.

Through an iterative and participatory process, the team comes up with creative and customized solutions that meet the client’s specific requirements.

Through the use of 3D design and virtual reality, Riganelli Lab offers detailed and realistic designs that allow clients to visualize and interact with spaces prior to implementation.

Ongoing research, skills

The spirit that drives Riganelli Lab is one of innovation, passion and respect for the environment.

The team members are constantly researching the latest trends in design, materials and sustainable technologies, offering eco-friendly solutions with low environmental impact.

The team’s expertise includes architectural design, interior design, lighting design and acoustics, ensuring a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to each project.

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Riganelli Lab’s philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars: innovation, sustainability and customization.

The goal is to create unique, tailor-made projects that reflect the personality and needs of the client, while promoting responsible use of resources and reducing the ecological footprint.

Riganelli Lab firmly believes in the centrality of the user experience and the enhancement of spaces as places for personal and professional growth.


Riganelli Lab’s future prospects are geared toward expansion and consolidation in the market of office, store and industrial logistics design and furnishing.

Through the relentless pursuit of new solutions and attention to customer needs, Riganelli Lab aims to become a benchmark in the industry.

The adoption of emerging technologies, will enable the team to offer increasingly advanced and customized services.

In addition, Riganelli Lab will continue to invest in the training and skill development of its members, promoting professional growth and knowledge sharing within the group.

Through its commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability, Riganelli Lab is poised to redefine industry standards and create spaces that improve the lives of people and businesses.


In the world of design and interior design, visual communication and architectural representation play a crucial role in ensuring that clients’ needs are understood and met.

Riganelli Lab is aware of the importance of these aspects and makes use of advanced 3D rendering techniques and modeling programs to provide clients with a clear and detailed view of proposed projects.

This approach eliminates any ambiguities and facilitates communication between the team and the client, enabling better evaluation of proposals and rapid iteration of projects.

The use of high-definition 3D renderings and state-of-the-art modeling programs allows Riganelli Lab to create photorealistic representations of spaces, allowing clients to virtually immerse themselves in their future environments. Thanks to these techniques, it is possible to analyze natural and artificial lighting, finishes and materials, furniture and decorative elements, obtaining a global and precise vision of the project.

In addition, visual communication and architectural representation facilitate collaboration among the different experts in the Riganelli Lab team, promoting a multidisciplinary and integrated approach. This process allows optimizing time and resources, reducing errors and improving work efficiency.

RiganelliLab = OpenLab

One of Riganelli Lab’s main strengths is its ability to integrate with other external figures and professionals working in the interior design and “Contract” world. This openness allows the design team to draw on a wide range of skills and knowledge, further enriching the process of designing and creating unique and functional spaces.

Collaboration with architects, engineers, interior designers and other industry experts allows Riganelli Lab to tackle complex, multidisciplinary projects, ensuring solutions that take into account all technical and aesthetic aspects. This synergistic approach ensures that each project is carried out with the utmost care, attention to detail and compliance with current regulations.

In addition, the integration with external professionals fosters openness to new ideas, trends and approaches in the field of design and furniture. This allows Riganelli Lab to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry, offering clients innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

Interaction with the “Contract” world also allows Riganelli Lab to successfully manage the entire process of creating spaces, from design to production and installation of furniture and finishes. This network of collaborations guarantees optimized delivery times and high quality of the products and services offered.

The integration of the Riganelli Lab design team with other external figures and professionals is one of the key elements that distinguishes the company in the field of design and furnishing of offices, stores and industrial logistics. Thanks to this openness, Riganelli Lab is able to offer complete, innovative and high-quality solutions, meeting the most diverse needs of clients and contributing to the success of their projects.


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