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The importance of designing office relationships

Table of ContentsHow has office work changed as a result of Covid-19?

The health emergency due to covid-19 has disrupted office work and especially relationships.

In fact, human relationships have been the main victims of this epidemiological phenomenon that has dictated the new rules of social distancing.

When returning to the office, the design of post-covid environments must take into account the new safety factors but at the same time devote part of the study to maintaining relationships.

How has office work changed as a result of Covid-19?

Tasks performed in the office have been reorganized “at a distance,” activating alternative ways of working such as smart working and shift scheduling of attendance. All processes have thus been digitized in order to limit as much as possible the meeting and contact between individuals.

Relationships have thus changed, now managed totally through e-mail, chat, telephone calls and video conferencing.

But beware: limiting human relationships within a company can damage team spirit, a decisive factor in business success.

The importance of the team

Numerous studies confirm that work done in teams performs better. Collaboration in the company is essential because it brings important benefits:

  • union of knowledge and know-how;
  • strong sense of belonging;
  • increased productivity;
  • serene and positive environment.

A “healthy” work environment not only involves specific, qualitative aspects of well-being, such as ergonomics, choice of certified materials, air quality, lighting and acoustic comfort, but also fosters relationships and the development of mutual trust.

Brand identity (corporate identity) should act as an aggregator and motivate users to achieve goals, alone and as a team.

The role of office furniture

In light of the above, it is crucial in the office to design and implement meeting spaces, intended for collaboration and discussion.

New workplaces reconfigured for social distancing provide “safe” workstations divided by panels or partitions, which are real protective barriers between colleagues.

From a privacy perspective, the new layouts provide the minimum interpersonal spaces within which users feel respected. Such accessories also can facilitate the creation of boundaries when necessary, such as when performing particularly complex tasks in which isolation and concentration are required.

At the same time, however, it is important to “re-educate” users to safely share spaces.

Sharing areas in the office

Office sharing areas can come in various shapes and sizes.

From the meeting room to the break room, there are numerous multifunctional complements that are strategic for furnishing any type of space.

Some examples.

Sound-absorbing sofas. With sound-absorbing sofas, it is possible to create a relaxation area that transforms into a sharing and socializing area.

Acoustic Room. Acoustic rooms are small areas made with soundproof partition wall modules to create real “insulated rooms” within an open-plan office. They are very useful and practical for holding short meetings or receiving clients.

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Tall table. Practical and versatile, they can be used as additional stations, for the relaxation area but also for short meetings.

Tavolo scrivania alto per condivisione e meeting - riganelli

Modular elements. There are a number of strategic furniture systems with which to form a small “meeting” area in a moment of need and store the accessories when the meeting is over.

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