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Office: discussion spaces for daily improvement

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Technology and innovation have fostered the development of new forms of work that no longer require a fixed location.

Offices therefore have been reconfigured to ensure social distance between workers.

The reduction of unnecessary workstations, as they were replaced with smart working, made it possible to reclaim space useful for the creation of real sources of lifeblood for the company: confrontation areas.

Discussion spaces

What are confrontation spaces in the office and why are they so important?

Discussion spaces are all those environments within the company where people can meet and sit together to discuss.

Discussion is fundamental to the development and well-being of the company because it is where ideas are born.

Stimulating the mind through discussion with other people fosters the achievement of new goals.

Not only that, through the actual confrontation of ideas among colleagues a state of competitiveness is set in motion, which is absolutely benign and fruitful for the development of innovative solutions.

It is therefore very important to devote empty spaces to the creation of these “meeting corners,” as they will prove to be decidedly productive.

ufficio spazi di confronto sopha sistema di divanetti fonoassorbenti -riganelli
sopha divanetti fonoassorbenti con tavolino -riganelli

Innovative meeting corners

There are numerous systems to date for creating small and large sharing areas.

Among the most innovative are People: a modular system of sound-absorbing sofas developed to configure a room-like enclosed area. In the People Home version there is also a roof.

People allows for an acoustically comfortable space where the backrest acts as a barrier between indoor and outdoor noise. A room where there was none before.

Here we are as we “test” People in our visit to Milani.

People home sistema di divanetti fonoassorbenti con tetto -riganelli
People Home
People divanetti componibili fonoassorbenti con tavolino -riganelli

The modular sofa system se:works

Se:works is a comfortable and multifunctional corner that offers modules, tables and networking options, unlimited freedom of set-up for numerous uses,

Here are a few shots from our visit to Sedus during which we were able to test and approve se:works.

Se works divanetto con tavolino e prese corrente -riganelli
Se works divanetti componibili circolari per postazione fonoassorbente -riganelli

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