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Compactable Archive.

The space one needs to carry out the activity costs a lot both in terms of management and economically, the bigger it is, the more it costs!

Organizing in less and less space to place the archive or warehouse is now possible using compactable systems.

These systems make it possible to reduce archive or warehouse space by more than 40 percent with significant cost savings. Also not to be underestimated is the increase in storage capacity and the opportunity to optimize the organization of work.

Compactable systems have multiple uses ranging from archiving for folders, hanging folders, books, cards, magnetic media, and paintings to the storage and stowage of goods.

Depending on the different needs and materials to be stowed in the compactable archive or compactable warehouse, a different containment system may be chosen. In fact, there are different types such as shelves with shelves, also accessorized for different uses, or industrial shelving up to cantilevers.

Each of these structures, sits on a mobile base that slides on rails, allowing the elimination of all aisles.

The archive or warehouse is presented normally closed and only the desired aisles are opened from time to time, leaving all others compacted.

The opening mechanisms can be manual push, handwheel operated, or electromechanical.

Particular attention is paid to safety and in particular to regulations concerning safety on accidents in working environments.

In the handwheel version, built into the handwheel itself is a locking system that does not allow the base to slide and consequently prevents the lane from closing. At the same in the electromechanical version of the photoelectric barriers positioned at the entrance front and along the moving base prevent its closure. The operator will then have to confirm each movement by giving consent through a special button.

Filing or compactable warehouses precisely because of their great versatility are particularly suitable for: banks, libraries, municipalities, clinics, museums, industries, state archives, companies and public bodies, hospitals, professional institutes, courts, universities.

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