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Retail on the upswing: highlights of shopfitting

Table of ContentsHere are the main innovations in shopfitting.

After a period of closures due to Covid-19 emergency and an exponential increase in e-commerce, there is finally a gradual recovery of retail.

Thus, retail stores, mainly dedicated to clothing and food, are restarting, concentrating primarily in shopping malls and major city streets.

Retail stores are returning in a new guise.

Here are the main innovations in shopfitting.


The display of products changes concept leaving room for minimal, not only in the furniture.

In fact shelves, hangers, containers, no area is completely filled: only small quantities of each product are displayed. The result is an orderly display that gives ample space to the items for sale. At the same time, we focus on a few circumscribed areas in which to periodically highlight a selection of products.

In the clothing store, for example, the sizes displayed are limited to reserve space for stenders intended for outfit proposals designed for various occasions.

“Less is more” therefore to enhance each product, but also to optimize space.


Technology becomes part of the store d├ęcor, not only through advertising ledwalls but also as a simplifier of the purchase path. In fact, monitors allow customers to quickly view items and sizes available in the store and easily order what is finished.

In this way, the advantages of e-commerce also find their way into the physical store, meeting the one important factor that they are unable to replicate digitally: the human relationship.

Engaging design

Design has always performed the important task of enticing customers to enter, through the use of bright colors and light effects.

Today, it continues to be a fundamental aspect of shopfitting design, but a new function is required of it: emotional involvement. Here, then, design is called upon to generate the welcoming atmosphere of a safe place to enter and relax.

Careful choice of finishes and colors makes the job easier.

Among the 2021-2022 trends we find combinations of wood and shades of green such as mint, sage, aloe, etc. A relaxing mix surrounded by appropriate lighting.


The theme of sustainability is, fortunately, spreading widely, going to increase the interests of customers who are becoming increasingly attentive to the materials they choose.

Recycled or recyclable materials, steel, glass, wood. Modular materials without the need for additional tooling, such as aluminum.

When designing new furniture, therefore, it is important to carefully evaluate and select complements and finishes to encourage eco-sustainability in new environments.

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