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The Shop Furniture I’d Like

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Would you choose a custom-made solution or configurable furniture to furnish your new or renovated business?

Here are some important differences to consider in order to properly design store furniture.

Custom store fittings

When it comes to custom-made furniture, three factors are immediately identified:

  • space
  • customization
  • price.


Choosing custom-made furniture is very useful in all those situations where space problems need to be solved, whether related to a question of limited size or to particular configurations of the room itself. The latter may include, for example, all those spaces that have columns that cannot be removed because they are necessary from a structural point of view.

By means of custom-made furniture, it is possible to make the best use of the available space in order to have the largest possible display area.


Designing custom furniture from scratch allows for a store that is 100% customized to the corporate image.


The price is calculated in relation to the materials chosen but also the work required, this can also result in a larger budget.

Store furniture made with configurable systems

Why choose a catalog furniture system?

Its three main advantages are:

  • modular and configurable as needed
  • designed for functionality and productivity
  • detachable, relocatable and integrable when changing locations.

Modular and configurable as needed

These furniture systems are modular and offer endless configurations. So, again, specific design needs can be met. Different solutions can be considered in relation to the space to be furnished.

Functionality and productivity

The furniture systems found in the catalog are designed specifically for commercial activities. This means that in addition to aesthetics they can offer simplicity of installation, ease of use, and many other advantages related to sales techniques, such as route making, product positioning, and visual merchandising.

In fact, store furniture is to all intents and purposes a business tool, so it must be adapted to the type of business and the target customer.

Removable and repositionable

A very important advantage that the furniture system offers is the possibility of being disassembled, repositioned but also integrated according to new needs that have arisen due to the renovation of the room or change of location.

When custom-made furniture is chosen, on the other hand, this feature may be lacking, particularly in cases where complements with specific measurements have been built or masonry work has been carried out, such as the installation of plasterboard shelves.

In conclusion

Proper store design often requires a mix of both types of furniture, so that all the advantages they offer can be exploited and the existing needs can be met concretely. Careful study is essential to achieve furniture that represents an efficient working tool.

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