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The Central Table for your Shop

Table of ContentsA very interesting element that should not be underestimated in shopfitting is the center table.What is the center table used for? What can it be used for?

A very interesting element that should not be underestimated in shopfitting is the center table.

The central table is a piece of furniture that intelligently fills the empty space between the displays. It in fact creates a table top at the height of the visitor, who can thus become more familiar with the products displayed there, touch them or view them at a significantly reduced distance.

Did you know that merchandise displayed on the table sells 5 times more than what is displayed along the wall?

A strategic area to consider in any store furniture design, always considering at the same time the type of merchandise for sale and the size of the room.

tavolo design per arredo negozio - riganelli

What is the center table used for? What can it be used for?

The table represents a display just like the other furniture in the store, but while performing the same function it manages to achieve greater visibility.

For example, promotional products can be given greater prominence by placing them on the table in the center of the store and making them immediately visible from the entrance.

Accessories or seasonal goods can be displayed, such as headphones, scarves and gloves in the winter season and swimsuits and beach bags in the summer season.

The central table can be used to show all variations of the same product, from shape to color, focusing on the breadth of the offering.

A theme already displayed in the window can be developed there. Customers will immediately find what they have already seen from outside and what prompted them to enter the store.

Finally, the table can be left free and used by salespeople when meeting with customers to place what is offered on it and leave it available for them to see and try on.

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What type of table to choose?

The model of the table can also affect its strategic function, in line with the type of goods sold.

In particular, we can identify:

The simple table, with an anonymous design but in line with the style of the store. It definitely gives prominence to the products because of its location, but does not affect the present furniture.

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The design table, respects the theme of the store and becomes its protagonist. It is visible because of its position but especially because of its shape, even without products above it.

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tavolo protagonista arredo negozio - riganelli

The central island, is a complementary piece of furniture that can be composed of a countertop, drawers and shelves, thus enabling the display of more products.

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