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Riganelli progettazione arredo uffici e spazi lavorativi


Designing and furnishing offices and work spaces

We are in the business of designing and furnishing offices and work spaces developed for the well-being of people-the real driving force behind every business. The study of needs must be applied to every environment and work area in order…

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Soundproofing vs Sound Insulation: do you know the differences?

Very often there is a tendency to confuse soundproofing with sound insulation, but in fact they are quite different interventions both in their objectives and implementation. Sound insulation Soundproofing is carried out for the purpose of limiting the spread of…


What does it mean for us to design a work environment?

Properly designing a work environment means contributing to corporate "well-being." For this reason, in order to develop a viable solution, it is advisable to first set clear objectives. These can be functionality and the right distribution of space, the development…

Office Furniture

Do you want good advice?

At Riganelli, we accompany our clients in their purchase, putting the expertise we have acquired over the years in the office sector at their service. Good advice: this is precisely our added value. When the time comes to furnish or…

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Riganelli Furniture Contract

We passionately design work environments for living. Spaces dedicated to the well-being of those who use them. The contract furniture formula allows us to create holistic design environments, where ideation, planning and know-how are merged with individual additions to return…

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Office Furniture

Soundproof design: we design Acoustic Comfort.

When we carry out an inspection to furnish or renovate a room, in addition to taking measurements and other useful factors, we also assess whether or not there is a need for acoustic correction. Why is it so important? Acoustic…


Are you an Architect?

Our many years of experience in office furniture, store furniture and home furniture is at your service for the realization of your projects. What can we offer you? 1. Wide range of furnishings With us you can find a wide…

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Office Furniture

We Design the Flexible Office

Desks, chairs and drawer units are no longer enough to create a work environment. Office furniture becomes an integral part of business management. That is why it is important for us to design a place that encourages collaboration and the…

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