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Riganelli Furniture Contract

Table of ContentsWhat is a contract furniture project?Why are we dedicated to contract furniture?

We passionately design work environments for living. Spaces dedicated to the well-being of those who use them.

The contract furniture formula allows us to create holistic design environments, where ideation, planning and know-how are merged with individual additions to return a qualitatively better result.

What is a contract furniture project?

Choosing Riganelli for contract furniture means choosing one partner for a complete furniture project, ranging from furniture to partitions, room colors, finishes, and lighting.

Our turnkey work (turnkey project) starts with meeting with the client to talk about their needs and desires, their business and various business processes. These details are essential in order to develop a project that is truly functional.

This is followed by a site survey or floor plan analysis of the environment to be built, to know the available measurements and begin to shape the ideas.

We then develop a concrete project to present to the client, for review of the solutions devised and refinement of the details.

Through collaboration with our network of suppliers and partners we develop the program for the realization of all necessary works by monitoring and coordinating all phases of work.

We also take care of delivery and assembly through our qualified in-house staff.

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Why are we dedicated to contract furniture?

For an environment to work, all its components must communicate with each other.

For this reason, it is important that there is a thread connecting every detail chosen and that all parts are in tune. This provides a clear image of the business, with its distinct areas, which is necessary to obtain positive feedback from both visiting customers and those who work and use the spaces on a daily basis.

Aesthetics, functionality and well-being are the three goals of each of our projects. The choice of colors, finishes and accessory furnishings gain importance just as the main furnishings


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