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Do you want good advice?

Table of ContentsWhat can we advise you on?

At Riganelli, we accompany our clients in their purchase, putting the expertise we have acquired over the years in the office sector at their service.

Good advice: this is precisely our added value.

When the time comes to furnish or renovate the office furniture there is a “golden opportunity” to be able to develop or improve a working environment according to the current new needs and imagining the future.

An investment on which you cannot go wrong.

What can we advise you on?

The choice of seating

There are numerous types of office seating, each developed with different factors in mind.

Indeed, the choice of seating may vary according to function, the environment in which it is to be placed, and also the physical form of the user who will use it.

Executive armchairs, operative seating and guest seating are macro categories that identify three different contexts that arise in the company.

These three types allow for infinite configurations, ensuring the development of the “ideal” seat.

We accompany our clients in choosing the best performing chair for each situation, trying to transfer our expertise gained over the years about mechanisms, accessories such as the type of armrests and wheels, upholstery and finishes.

But above all, we take care of the most important part: seat adjustment.

Konica seduta operativa -movimenti-flessibili-seduta-ufficio-riganelli

Choosing a desk

The choice of desk is equally important, as it contributes to the functionality of the environment but also to the aesthetic appearance.

Executive, operational or elevating: each type offers advantages and disadvantages, but through careful analysis of the context it is possible to identify and select the most suitable desk.

In addition, evaluating the available space, it is important to spend time developing the best layout, considering solutions of different sizes with one or more workstations.

To complement the desk, the choice of finishes is what will set the tone of the environment: from elegant to minimal, classic to modern, it will be an integral part of the corporate image.

Everything that cannot be missed in the Office!

Filing, ergonomics, soundproofing, technical curtains, lighting: we take care of the office at 360°.

Each of our projects is developed to create functional and comfortable environments that can be pleasantly experienced by those who work in them and that do not represent an obstacle for the business, but on the contrary can facilitate its business processes.

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