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Why should you have a phone booth in your open space office?

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The phone booth is a new element that has quickly become very important for the open-plan office because of its many features.

But let’s first see what it is.

The phone booth is a booth that can be placed inside the room, specifically in the open space office, in order to create a new, private and acoustically isolated environment.

A real office within the office, without performing any masonry work.

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What advantages do phone booths offer?

The uses are numerous.

The phone booth is literally a “phone booth” designed to bring silence to the office. In fact, it was created as an ideal space for making phone calls without disturbing other users sharing the open space. One enters the booth, closes the door and is immediately isolated from the rest of the office.

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More or less accessorized phone booths are also developed from this main idea for videocalls and videoconferencing.

Thus, the soundproofing factor is the main advantage of phone booths, which makes them ideal for a variety of other functions such as creating a meeting place for short meetings, welcoming clients or simply taking a break and socializing with colleagues. The latter is a very important aspect that we explore in our article “The importance of designing office relationships.”

At the same time it can be a private place to regain concentration, an operating station to be used for more complex activities that require silence and attention.

Soundproofing and soundproofing

As mentioned above, the phone booth offers the possibility of isolation from the outside. The materials used for its structure are designed for sound isolation, that is, for the interruption of sound from outside to inside and inside to outside, thus without the two environments disturbing each other. This also ensures privacy.

But what do the acoustics look like inside this enclosed environment?

The structure, which is composed of materials such as wood, melamine, glass, and metal, is carefully covered with sound-absorbing material in order to ensure the elimination of reverberation, benefiting greater intelligibility in communication.


The cabin provides inlets for room ventilation to ensure normal air recirculation.

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