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Bow is a series of modular sound-absorbing panels in numerous configurations. With a special design inspired by the shapes of ship hulls, Bow is designed three-dimensionally to encourage the creation of an air gap between the panel and the wall, thus increasing acoustic performance.

At the same time, its special shape allows for the creation of special light effects. It can be applied to walls and ceilings by means of metal attachments and magnets.

Bow sound-absorbing panels are easily removable and thus repositionable.

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Bow pannelli fonoassorbenti di design -riganelli
bow pannelli fonoassorbenti componibili in forme geometriche -riganelli
bow pannelli fonoassorbenti di design per ristorante - riganelli
Bow pannelli fonoassorbenti componibili - riganelli
bow pannello fonoassorbenti particolare -riganelli
bow serie di pannelli acustici per correzione acustica -riganelli
bow pannelli fonoassorbenti da soffitto -riganelli

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