Snowgems divider divisorio fonoassorbente colorato -riganelli



Practical and functional in every respect, se:cube is developed in different sizes, is internally covered with a sound-absorbing film aimed at optimizing intelligibility in communication in presence or through multimedia systems, and has an air recirculation system.


Pods is a system of phone booths (booths), designed to create acoustically isolated areas within a larger environment, an open-plan office, a coworking space.
Snowgems divider divisorio fonoassorbente colorato -riganelli


Snowgems is an acoustic comfort system consisting of sound-absorbing panels with shapes and colors inspired by precious gems. A sound-absorbing solution that can significantly affect the acoustic but also the aesthetic quality of rooms. It is made in four different…
Bow pannelli fonoassorbenti di design -riganelli


Bow is a series of modular sound-absorbing panels in numerous configurations. With a special design inspired by the shapes of ship hulls, Bow is designed three-dimensionally to encourage the creation of an air gap between the panel and the wall,…
sepà rolls safety paretina divisoria fonoassorbente batteriostatica - riganelli


The Sepà line offers Sepà Rolls Safety: sound-absorbing partitions made with Snowsound Fiber Textiles 1 bacteriostatic fabric. This particular BIOACTIVE fabric is characterized by the performance of silver ions with a permanent antimicrobial effect. Sepà Rolls Safety is therefore an…
Primo acoustic archivio fonoassorbente_armadi per archivio con ante fonoassorbenti - riganelli


The Primo storage line offers a series of designer cabinets dedicated to acoustic comfort. In the shared work space, it is essential to create an atmosphere that allows concentration. Therefore, inserting sound-absorbing elements ensures an acoustically comfortable environment for the…

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