Snowgems divider divisorio fonoassorbente colorato -riganelli


Snowgems is an acoustic comfort system consisting of sound-absorbing panels with shapes and colors inspired by precious gems. A sound-absorbing solution that can significantly affect the acoustic but also the aesthetic quality of rooms.

It is made in four different installation versions: wall, ceiling, totem and partition.

Snowgems wall

Snowgems wall acoustic panels feature a tubular steel frame that is attached to the wall through two chrome-plated metal supports. Using a joint, the panels can rotate and thus create numerous configurations.

Snowgems ceiling

Snowgems ceiling sound-absorbing panels are attached to a chrome-plated steel frame composed of steel tubing in which the “gems” are installed. Height-adjustable cables for suspension from the ceiling complete the structure.

Snowgems totem

The Snowgems version consists of a tubular steel frame fitted with an epoxy powder-coated steel base. Here, too, the panels feature a joint that allows them to rotate, facilitating the creation of multiple configurations.

Snowgems divider

Snowgems divider are sound-absorbing dividers composed of painted steel uprights connected together by tubulars into which Snowgems panels are inserted. This particular structure makes it possible to create single or modular dividers as it can be connected to another Snowgems divider.

Image gallery

Snowgems divider divisorio fonoassorbente colorato -riganelli
Snowgems divider divisorio fonoassorbente - riganelli
Snowgems ceiling pannelli fonoassorbenti colorati per soffitto e pareti -riganelli
Snowgems divider divisori fonoassorbenti di design -riganelli
Snowgems divider pannello divisorio fonoassorbente -riganelli
Snowgems ceiling pannelli fonoassorbenti sospesi a soffitto -riganelli
Snowgems ceiling pannelli fonoassorbenti colorati sospesi dal soffitto -riganelli
snowgems wall pannelli fonoassorbenti a parete e divisorio fonoassorbente - riganelli
snowgems wall pannelli fonoassorbenti con fissaggio a parete per ristoranti locali uffici -riganelli
snowgems wall pannelli fonoassorbenti da parete -riganelli
snowgems wall pannello fonoassorbente con sistema di fissaggio a parete - riganelli
Snowgems totem pannelli fonoassorbenti azzurri acqua marina -riganelli
Snowgems totem pannelli fonoassorbenti -riganelli
Snowgems totem di pannelli fonoassorbenti rosa -riganelli
Snowgems totem fonoassorbente dettaglio -riganelli

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