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Green Design: redesigning the office in a green way

Table of ContentsThe importance of certificationsEnvironmentally sustainable materialsDesign: colors and finishes

Green design is a new design philosophy that involves the design of interior environments (office, home, stores) developed with respect for the external environment in mind but also for people’s well-being, as well as including complements and finishes aesthetically inspired by nature.

Thus, a green design environment is a place where not only the furnishings are selected on the basis of certain characteristics, but also the lifestyle evolves and becomes sustainable.

Why choose a green design in the office?

In office furniture design, environmental impact has now become imperative, both for ethical issues and for the well-being of users.

The importance of certifications

There are numerous certifications that can help us identify tables, desks, armchairs and other office furniture complements that meet safety requirements in working environments, related both to the types of materials used and to other structural and functional characteristics.

For example, buying sustainable furniture complements, that is, made from natural materials that require little processing and treatment, means choosing to use products that are totally free or have minimal doses of substances that are harmful to humans (especially present in adhesives).

This ensures that the work environment is safe for users throughout the time spent inside it, providing them with clean air and reduced contact with hazardous substances that, if present to an extent below the permitted limits, are not harmful.

Environmentally sustainable materials

The design of office furniture becomes more articulated and adds the ecology factor, which is also crucial for the environment and therefore for people’s well-being.

Complements and fabrics are now designed and manufactured in an eco-sustainable way through the use of recycled materials in order to reduce the dispersion of non-degradable waste, particularly plastics, into the environment.

At the same time there are recyclable products, designed to be, at the time of their future disposal, easily disposed of and shaped to give rise to new ideas.

The choice of furnishings therefore focuses on sustainable, recycled or recyclable materials that not only respect the environment but thanks to continuous technological progress to date are able to meet at the same time high standards of comfort and innovation.

Design: colors and finishes

Green design involves new experiential finishes in office furniture.

They are developed on the colors of nature, offering both smooth and textured surfaces and extending from furniture complements to walls to the floor.

The natural environment is thus three-dimensional and welcomes people to a comfortable and hospitable place, as if it were already known, a safe place.

The concept of green design finds its highest expression in biophilic design.

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