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Table of ContentsIn what ways is it possible to approach green in business?

Attention to the environment is a goal that is finally being set in many areas, including office furniture!

In fact, more and more companies, both small and large, are moving to offer their employees and clients environmentally sustainable, environmentally friendly and therefore people-friendly places.

In what ways is it possible to approach green in business?

Here are some important aspects.

A green company is first and foremost an energy-conscious company.

For this reason, the first step is to analyze the structure and facilities, evaluating appropriate renovations and alternative solutions in order to increase the building’s energy efficiency.

Once a good “container” is obtained, we move on to the “content.”


Office furniture plays a very important role in the environment and well-being of those who work there. So each complement should be chosen carefully.

One of the factors that facilitate a green choice is materials.

There are in fact numerous products designed and developed with a green perspective.


First of all, they can be created through the use of recyclable materials, such as natural wood, glass, but also steel.

At the same time there are furnishings made from recycled materials.

The example par excellence is all those furnishings made of recycled cardboard, 100% ecological but above all design, a quality that now goes hand in hand with eco-sustainability. In fact, cardboard is customizable, durable and configurable for any type of environment to be furnished, from the office to the store to home spaces.

Innovative recycled materials include fabrics made from plastic bottles. A real yarn that can be used to upholster colorful office chairs and sofas.

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Here, then, is the promotion of the circular economy, which is an innovative economic system that can recover and reuse materials while reducing waste.


The materials from which furniture complements are made are endless, from the environmentally sustainable to the most polluting.

In this regard, occupational safety guidelines are “flanked” by numerous certifications governing the environmental impact of products.

One of the most important is that relating to formaldehyde emissions.

Formaldehyde is a substance that becomes toxic when it occurs in large quantities and is exposed to it for long periods.

When choosing desks, storage furniture, bookcases, etc., it is therefore important to choose products with low emissions, both for the health of users and for limited environmental impact.

We at Riganelli are committed to environmental sustainability and health protection by marketing products that are certified and comply with worker safety regulations.

There are certainly many other aspects involved in office wellness such as the inclusion of greenery within work spaces, healthy air, acoustic comfort, etc.

To these must then be added small daily measures such as proper waste disposal.

All actions aimed at the well-being of the environment and oneself.

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