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Space planning: Office Work Organized in a Smart Way

Table of ContentsMarket flexibility but also Team flexibilityHere, then, is the importance of space planning.Does flexibility threaten the physical office?

The world of work is constantly changing, which is why it makes sense to have an intelligently organized office.

Workspace design becomes part of business strategy, playing a key role in supporting business processes. So selecting flexible furniture solutions is certainly important to be always ready for new market demands.

Market flexibility but also Team flexibility

The many rapid changes in the marketplace require companies to be more flexible.

How can office furniture help?

Office design must take into account a fundamental goal: to bring together the different points of view and ways of working of the people in the company.

The exchange of experiences is essential for the work team to be dynamic, innovative and ready for change.

In particular, there are companies with multi-generational offices that are potentially decisive in the company’s performance.

In this case, the meeting between the know-how of the mature generations and the new skills of the younger generations must necessarily be facilitated by specially designed work spaces.

In addition, another important factor is that the hierarchical structure does not weigh down business processes. Roles should certainly be respected, but there must also be opportunities to network and express one’s opinion, whatever level one belongs to.

All this is possible through careful space planning and the selection of furniture systems designed for collaboration.

Here, then, is the importance of space planning.

Space planning is the planning of space according to the needs of an organization. Its purpose is to create a work environment aimed at achieving maximum efficiency.

This is what we are concerned with.

In particular, we always take three fundamental aspects into consideration when planning work spaces:

  • the well-being of People
  • functional needs
  • productivity.

“People’s well-being,” not surprisingly in first place, is crucial to having a team of happy, collaborative and, therefore, productive people.

Here, then, a good office design must take into account at the same time and to the same extent the balances in terms of space, the creation of all the areas necessary for organization, comfort and health aspects.

Does flexibility threaten the physical office?

The need to be flexible and constantly connected has changed the way of working and consequently also the spaces. Homes, clubs, and parks have been converted into “offices,” showing how important means rather than places are.

To date, however, what is turning out to be really important are People. So smart working is efficient but not for 100 percent of the working time, as it drastically reduces the human relationship within the company, losing the team spirit. That is why the physical office will continue to be there and to be the central meeting point of people, becoming a major component of successful business management.

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