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Multi-station desk: functionality and innovation for the operational office

Table of ContentsMulti station is COLLABORATIONMulti location is not necessarily SHARING

The multi-station desk is an innovative and functional solution for the office task area.

What is it all about?

It is an extremely configurable operating system that can give rise to numerous workstations through the use of modular elements.

The configurations can reach very large sizes, so they require a large environment. At the same time, however, they make it possible to optimize the available space since they eliminate transit space between desks.

Multi station is COLLABORATION

Among the positive aspects of multi-posting is the development of a work environment that stimulates team collaboration. In fact, thanks to sharing the same spaces and “reduced” distances, it is easier to compare and socialize.

Multi location is not necessarily SHARING

Working at a multi-station desk does not necessarily mean sharing everything.

In fact, furniture systems of this type can be integrated with numerous accessories that meet the needs of the user working in an open space.

Here are the main ones!

Work plan

Each workstation has its own well-defined work surface. Practical top accesses can be added to it for the passage of the power cables of the devices used. Below, the cable tray collects them and leads them to the electrical outlets, leaving the necessary space for the legs, free to move around safely. Some configurations may also include a side extension to widen the worktop, which thus takes on an angular shape.

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Drawer cabinets, load-bearing furniture but also overhead shelves can be added to complete each individual workstation, providing each user with one or more dedicated storage spaces.

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scrivania multi postazione Bralco Take off evolution

The multi-station desk in the photo is Bralco’s Take Off Evolution.


To ensure that each user can work in privacy, workstations can be divided by installing colored dividers. They limit visibility and distractions, thus also ensuring greater concentration. In more innovative workstations, partitions made of sound-absorbing panels are inserted. In this way, sound diffusion can be modulated, avoiding the formation of the annoying “reverberation.”

srivania multi postazione progettazione arredo uffici - riganelli

In this photo there is an example of sound-absorbing partition panels. In fact, for this particular type of multi-station elevating desk we chose to cover the present partitions with Caimi Brevetti’s Snowsound Fiber sound-absorbing fabric.

Finally, through the use of dividers it is also possible to ensure the necessary social distancing.

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