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We design the Office for People

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The office is where most of the day is spent, so it must necessarily be an environment where People spend good time.

Good time means quality time that is efficient and productive from a work standpoint, but also satisfying in the tasks performed and in relationships with colleagues. A workplace in which internal conflicts do not occur but, on the contrary, collaboration is encouraged is certainly bound to have a positive climate. A pleasant environment in which everyone knows what his or her role is and performs it with passion.

For all this to be possible, the office must be designed and built for People.

Each element is a real working tool that contributes to the achievement of multiple goals: functionality, comfort, well-being.

Main elements

The main furnishing complements, protagonists of the office, are increasingly attentive to ergonomics and thus to the well-being of users. Operational chairs and desks are carefully chosen for their technical qualities, measurements, mechanisms and the type of materials used. The finishes and colors, however, break the monotony of the old-style office, creating a more welcoming environment, with appropriate hues in each work area.

Here is how the look of the office changes and takes on some domestic traits that personalize the environment, making it more “livable.”

Decorative elements

Thus decorations such as photos, mirrors, pictures, plants but also wallpaper come into play. All of these details enable users to create a more welcoming, less rigid place that promotes a relaxed state of mind both for those who work there but also for those who are visiting.

Photos and paintings characterize the environment, giving it a soul and a story: a story of the individuals who work there but also a corporate story, depending on the subjects portrayed. A plus for the corporate image that becomes more “human” in the eyes of visitors.

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Plants, besides being ornamental, can have numerous functions. Among their beneficial properties is certainly that of purifying the air. In fact, thanks to their special “anti-pollution” qualities, they are able to absorb volatile organic compounds released by fabrics, materials, glues and paints used in the manufacture of uncertified furniture. As well as they are able to purify the air from bacteria and viruses, but also allergens, improving the health status of the users present.

Wallpaper gives character to furnished spaces but, if made from innovative materials, it can be used to solve any reverberation problems through its sound-absorbing properties.

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Thus, with just a few decorative elements, the office takes on a whole new image.

The role of informal sessions

Within the modern office, informal complements also find their place, to be used in breaks but also in moments of necessary concentration gathering.

These are mainly represented by special seats, alternatives to the traditional operative and executive office chairs.

Thus, they are sofas, ottomans, stools of all shapes and colors, with comfortable seats, not necessarily “composed,” ideal for a break in total relaxation, but also for a moment of reflection to break the monotony of the workstation.

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A very important role then that of informal complements, which reaches its maximum importance when it creates contexts for socialization among colleagues.


Technology combines with furniture to provide the greatest possible functionality. Examples include built-in sofas and lockers with USB outlets for charging devices, as well as elevating desks with the ability to store preferred heights via an app on the smartphone.

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So productivity but also comfort, for a better quality of time spent in the office.

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