riconfigurazione spazi uffici progettazione e realizzazione completa di uffici -riganelli

C.B.F Balducci

Design and implementation of the new offices of the Macerata-based company C.B.F. Balducci SPA. We reconfigured existing work spaces in order to make the evolving corporate structure more efficient, adding new workstations and renewing the image of the headquarters.
progettazione e realizzazione reception e verde verticale -riganelli

ROIGROUP Headquarters

Riganelli is a partner in the "ROIGROUP Headquarters" project together with the "Margarete" Design Studio. We designed and selected the furniture systems, evaluating...
Arredo studio dentistico sala di attesa - riganelli


We designed and made the furniture for Dental Technologies 3D, a Macerata-based reality born from the 30-year experience of its professionals in the dental field. In particular, we took care of the waiting area, choosing a series of comfortable one-…
Sala riunioni riganelli


Project Blue: here is the color of our latest achievement! The importance of colors in furniture choices is now known to most people. It is not only a purely aesthetic issue then, but takes on a real role in the…
nuovi uffici Olicor multipostazione operativa con braccio portamonitor e pannelli fonoassorbenti divisori -riganelli


We designed and built the new offices of Olicor, a San Severino Marche-based company that deals in professional clothing, promotional clothing, PPE and gadgets. After post-earthquake renovations, Olicor is back in its completely renovated historic headquarters. It is up to…
scrivania operativa con pannelli divisori fonoassorbenti riganelli


We were asked to implement the new open space technical office with multi-station solutions. Thus we selected operating desks, ergonomic seating, drawer units and storage furniture for the development of a functional design dedicated to operations. To meet acoustic comfort…
arredo ufficio con scrivanie elevabili e sedute operative ergonomiche - riganelli


We designed and built this open workspace according to the new office concept that no longer includes fixed workstations. Therefore, to meet the need for flexibility, we chose dynamic workstations that can adapt from day to day to the user…
progettazione e realizzazione uffici e pareti divisorie in provincia di macerata - riganelli


We designed this workspace for a company in the province of Macerata. Specifically, we were responsible for installing glass partitions and supplying the office furniture: desks, seating, drawer units, cabinets, and coat racks. In addition, with the insertion of sound-absorbing…

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