scrivania operativa con pannelli divisori fonoassorbenti riganelli
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We were asked to implement the new open space technical office with multi-station solutions. Thus we selected operating desks, ergonomic seating, drawer units and storage furniture for the development of a functional design dedicated to operations.

To meet acoustic comfort and safety requirements, we completed the workstations with sound-absorbing partition panels, capable of reducing background noise and at the same time, creating a protective barrier between users. In fact, the chosen panels can be sanitized and sanitized through the use of 75% alcohol sprayed directly on the surface to be treated. Find out more in our article “Soundproof panels as protective barriers? Yes if sanitizable!”

In addition, we created a conference room by the use of desks that can be connected in line to configure numerous workstations arranged in a horseshoe shape. Complementing the desks are cable channels and top access to conceal and facilitate the passage of microphone wires.

Finally, we provided a kitchen for the relaxation area, available to users for break times.

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scrivania operativa con pannelli divisori fonoassorbenti riganelli
arredo ufficio operativo e comfort acustico -riganelli
arredamenti uffici operativi scrivanie sedute pannelli acustici - riganelli
uffici operativi con pannelli fonoassorbenti -riganelli
arredamento ufficio operativo tecnico -riganelli
Ufficio open space con pannelli fonoassorbenti -riganelli
scrivania operativa seduta ergonomica pannelli fonoassorbenti e cassettiera riganelli
Sala conferenze con tavolo a ferro di cavallo e postazioni con microfono -riganelli
Postazioni con microfono per sala conferenze riganelli
Tavolo riunione a ferro di cavallo -riganelli
Tavolo riunione ferro di cavallo per sala conferenze - riganelli

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