Sala riunioni riganelli


Project Blue: here is the color of our latest achievement!

The importance of colors in furniture choices is now known to most people. It is not only a purely aesthetic issue then, but takes on a real role in the experience and perception of the place.

Welcoming, relaxation and concentration for the spaces of these new offices divided into four areas: executive office, operational offices, waiting area and meeting room.

For this project we chose the Expo executive armchair for its ergonomic functions but also for its light elegance.

For the operative area, on the other hand, the armchair chosen is Bursa Rete Evolution: an ergonomic operative armchair suitable for those who spend many hours in front of the desk, thanks to its seat and armrest height adjustments, seat depth and synchronized seat and back mechanism.

The meeting room features the Libera seat, a large, comfortable and designer monocoque seat, chosen in the color blue and matched with the floral wallpaper that colors the room.

Tables desks, cabinets and waiting sofas complete the design.

Image gallery

Progettazione e arredo sala d'attesa colorata con carta da parati -riganelli
Arredo sala d'attesa colori bianco e blu carta da parati a fiori -riganelli
Sala riunioni con carta da parati a fiori blu e poltroncine blu - riganelli
Sala riunioni con tavolo bianco e sedie blu -riganelli
Progettazione e realizzazione ufficio direzionale con pareti blu -riganelli
Ufficio direzionale due postazioni blu -riganelli
Area di attesa con divanetti e poltroncine blu -riganelli
realizzazione sala d'attesa con divani e poltrone blu - riganelli

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