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Screens da terra dvisiori lavagna -riganelli


The Screens line of partition panels offers a series of protective floor barriers ideal for dividing pc workstations in the office. In particular it has floor panels and dividers in melamine or laminate available in different colors.
Kubick paretina divisoria accessoriabile per uffficio -riganelli


Kubick is a partition system designed to provide security and privacy in work environments. Its modularity makes it possible to configure shared workstations complete with partitions, as well as true single rooms to replace the open-plan office. They can be…
Flexi pannelli divisori in plexiglass


Flexi is a plexiglass partition panel that can be freely placed on the desk or counter top. It is available with and without a paper-through opening. The Flexi protective screen is easily and fully sanitized, ideal for maintaining a safe…
scudo pannello divisorio protettivo da terra -riganelli


Scudo is a protective partition panel designed for the safety of shared environments, such as the office, waiting room and public places. In fact, it is made in two types-floor-mounted and desk-mounted-in various shapes and sizes. Practical and with a…
uv-c air purificatore d'aria per ricambio aria in locali pubblici e privati -riganelli


UV-C AIR is a professional device dedicated to air sanitization in public and private environments. It is developed with a special UV-C radiation technology for destroying the dna or rna of microorganisms, preventing their reproduction. Thus its virucidal and bactericidal…
o2air filtro brevettato per purificazione aria -riganelli


O2air is an innovative patented filter designed to combat indoor pollution. In fact, thanks to its three layers of filtration, it guarantees the removal of 99.97% of particulate matter down to 0.3 μm. O2air is ideal in office, home and…
set elastic rope colonnine in acciaio con nastro elastico per coda - riganelli


Set Elastic Rope is a satin-finished stainless steel column with a circular base, complete with an element with 4 threaded connections for attaching elastic ropes. It is dedicated to reception in public places where it is necessary to make visitors…
set stanchions colonnina con cordone -riganelli


Set Stanchions is a brushed stainless steel column designed to properly channel the flow of visitors. It is complete with a quick-release attachment system for accessories, especially attachment for two or four cords. This type of bollard is easy to…
set displays colonnina portadepliant -riganelli


Set Displays is a satin-finished stainless steel column. The head of the column is complete with an innovative coupling system for quick attachment and release of accessories such as displays and brochure holders. The Set line also offers a series…
archimede safety paretina divisoria per la sicurezza anti covid-19 - riganelli


Archimede Safety is a system of modular and accessorizable partition screens with a matt white or silver gray painted steel frame. Ideal for the safety of shared environments, Archimede Safety panels are made of transparent techno-polymer or painted embossed steel.…
Snowsound safety sopralzo in metacrilato trasparenti per pannelli fonoassorbenti snowsound - riganelli


Snowsound Safety is a transparent methacrylate surmount to increase the height of sound-absorbing partitions from the Snowsound line. In this way, it is possible to intervene on the safety of already built environments, without altering the acoustic correction intervention carried…
sepà rolls safety paretina divisoria fonoassorbente batteriostatica - riganelli


The Sepà line offers Sepà Rolls Safety: sound-absorbing partitions made with Snowsound Fiber Textiles 1 bacteriostatic fabric. This particular BIOACTIVE fabric is characterized by the performance of silver ions with a permanent antimicrobial effect. Sepà Rolls Safety is therefore an…

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