scudo pannello divisorio protettivo da terra -riganelli
Protective screens | Partition walls


Scudo is a protective partition panel designed for the safety of shared environments, such as the office, waiting room and public places.

In fact, it is made in two types-floor-mounted and desk-mounted-in various shapes and sizes.

Practical and with a very distinctive design, Scudo is available in clear, smoked clear and translucent white plexiglass.

These partition screens have the dual functionality of protecting and providing social distancing but also dividing rooms and workstations from a privacy perspective.

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scudo pannello divisorio protettivo da terra -riganelli
Scudo -Pannelli divisori trasparenti protettivi da scrivania e da terra - riganelli
scudo schermi protettivi parafiato da terra e per scrivania -riganelli
Scudo pannello protettivo da terra- riganelli
scudo schermo protettivo e divisorio da scrivania -riganelli
Scuso schermi protettivi trasparenti da terra - riganelli
scuso schermo trasparente da terra- riganelli

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