scudo schermi protettivi parafiato da terra e per scrivania -riganelli

Protective screens

Flexi pannelli divisori in plexiglass


Flexi is a plexiglass partition panel that can be freely placed on the desk or counter top. It is available with and without a paper-through opening. The Flexi protective screen is easily and fully sanitized, ideal for maintaining a safe…
scudo pannello divisorio protettivo da terra -riganelli


Scudo is a protective partition panel designed for the safety of shared environments, such as the office, waiting room and public places. In fact, it is made in two types-floor-mounted and desk-mounted-in various shapes and sizes. Practical and with a…
Snowsound safety sopralzo in metacrilato trasparenti per pannelli fonoassorbenti snowsound - riganelli


Snowsound Safety is a transparent methacrylate surmount to increase the height of sound-absorbing partitions from the Snowsound line. In this way, it is possible to intervene on the safety of already built environments, without altering the acoustic correction intervention carried…
Arianna desk safety pannelli divisori per reception -riganelli


Arianna Desk Safety is a line of flexible protective screens made for workplace safety in contact with the public. Arianna Desk Safety partition panels are made of transparent technopolymer and come complete with painted steel uprights with fixed or magnetic…
mitesco safety pannelli divisori in metacrilato trasparente anti covid 19


Mitesco Safety is a line of transparent methacrylate partition panels. Designed for safety in offices and public places, Mitesco Safety is an easily sanitized protective screen. It comes complete with matte white or silver gray painted steel supports for support…
separation screens paretina divisoria in plexiglass riganelli - Copia


Separation Screens is a series of partition panels made of materials that can be easily cleaned and disinfected. In fact, these protective screens are made of plexiglass and tempered glass. Screens and modules with support on the floor or from…
pannelli divisori in plexiglass serigrafati per reception negozi ristoranti - riganelli


Partition panels made of unbreakable and shockproof compact polycarbonate. Versatile transparent partitions for dividing rooms through the use of design furniture accessories. In fact, these partition screens are customizable with the application of decorations and company logos for inclusion in…

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