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Set Stanchions is a brushed stainless steel column designed to properly channel the flow of visitors.

It is complete with a quick-release attachment system for accessories, especially attachment for two or four cords. This type of bollard is easy to fit into any context, from office to store, restaurant to museum, and is a valuable addition for compliance with social distance regulations.

The Set line also offers a series of columns with displays for in-company or in-store communication and with elastic ribbon.

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set stanchions colonnina con cordone -riganelli
set stanchions colonnine con cordone e portadepliant -riganelli
set stanchions colonnine per i clienti ristorante -riganelli
set stanchions colonnina con aggiancio per il cordone - riganelli
set stanchions dettaglio attacchi colonnine con cordoni - riganelli
set stanchions colonnine con sistema ad innesto per accessori -riganelli

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