Signage and communication

set elastic rope colonnine in acciaio con nastro elastico per coda - riganelli


Set Elastic Rope is a satin-finished stainless steel column with a circular base, complete with an element with 4 threaded connections for attaching elastic ropes. It is dedicated to reception in public places where it is necessary to make visitors…
set stanchions colonnina con cordone -riganelli


Set Stanchions is a brushed stainless steel column designed to properly channel the flow of visitors. It is complete with a quick-release attachment system for accessories, especially attachment for two or four cords. This type of bollard is easy to…
set displays colonnina portadepliant -riganelli


Set Displays is a satin-finished stainless steel column. The head of the column is complete with an innovative coupling system for quick attachment and release of accessories such as displays and brochure holders. The Set line also offers a series…
foto principale koala parete


Koala Parete is a line of curved displays available in silver gray painted steel or transparent methacrylate. For communication in companies and any other business, Koala Parete offers the possibility of displaying informational brochures in numerous formats. A functional and…
koala Totem portadepliant espositori per uffici negozi spazi pubblici - riganelli


The Koala series offers a line of brochure holder totems and floor-standing displays. The frame and base are made of silver gray painted steel. In addition, Koala totem offers numerous display versions for different formats. It is extremely versatile; in…

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