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Shared office: fixed locations goodbye!

Table of ContentsGoodbye fixed stationsInternal sharing and productivityWelcoming clients to the shared office

Jobs, professional figures, and consequently, offices have also evolved over time, giving way to new philosophies and working methods.

Goodbye fixed stations

Personal desks have been abandoned to make way for large areas to be shared, divided by functionality.

Users can thus daily choose where to place themselves relative to the task at hand.

However, it seems that depersonalizing the work environment too much is risky for both internal productivity and the image given to customers.

Internal sharing and productivity

Abandoning one’s office for a table shared by everyone could cause the worker to lose a sense of belonging to the company itself. Therefore, it is very important to spread the new philosophy of shared spaces, that is, to encourage collaboration and cooperation in achieving shared goals, breaking down visual barriers and corporate hierarchies.

At the same time, however, it is important to allow a private space in which to store anything that does not need to be shared: personal belongings.

In fact, the user must have his or her own reference point, a small place where he or she knows he or she has exclusivity.

Two interesting possibilities are lockers and locker rooms.


Lockers are the classic lockable cabinets in which to store personal belongings, bags and documents. Like other furnishings, lockers have evolved to fit the new office concept, making changes in:

  • Functionality: they can provide special features such as slots to insert mail or packages even in the absence of the locker owner.
  • Digital integrations: lights and usb sockets for charging technological devices can be arranged inside them.
  • Aesthetics: a wide choice of shapes, colors and sizes allow lockers to create solutions in harmony with any type of furniture present.
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armadietti con serratura lockers colorati - riganelli

Dressing room lockers

In a modern world where distances have shrunk, commuters cannot be forgotten. One solution dedicated to travelers is the inclusion of locker cabinets, versatile elements for a wide variety of storage needs.

Armadietto spogliatoio per ufficio condiviso - riganelli
Armadietto spogliatoio personalizzabile - riganelli

Highly customizable with compartments, hangers and other accessories, locker cabinets meet the needs of changing clothes at the beginning and end of working hours.

Welcoming clients to the shared office

In the new large shared office, where are clients placed?

Reception is one of the factors that most affects the outcome of the meeting. For this reason, it is important to set up a special corner that can recreate the intimacy of the private office. The client will feel away from prying eyes and more amenable to empathetic openness.

An interesting solution is the inclusion of an acoustic room within the openspace.

What is the Acoustic Room?

It is a soundproof box that can be placed anywhere in the office. It can have transparent glass or screen-printed walls, where technical curtains can be applied that can be opened and closed when needed.

They can be used to welcome clients but at the same time also for meetings and brainstorming.

acoustic room workspace - riganelli

Versatile and cutting-edge, acoustic rooms are among the most functional innovative solutions.

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