k82 pareti divisorie con porte scorrevoli in vetro -riganelli

Storage and partition walls

K evo pareti divisorie miste vetro e pannelli ciechi -riganelli


The K evo partition wall offers fully glazed solutions, with blind panels or in mixed glazed bands with blind panels in relation to the different privacy needs of rooms. Mixed configurations can be supplemented with toolable profile, which allows the…
k82 pareti divisorie con porte scorrevoli in vetro -riganelli


The K82 partition wall system is characterized by the numerous door solutions offered. In fact, there is the possibility of completing the wall with framed hinged doors, equipped with double gaskets, designed for soundproofing the office. They are available in…
installazione pareti divisorie in vetro - riganelli


The K35 partition wall is dynamic, lightweight and versatile. It consists of aluminum profile offered in 4 finishes white, black, anodized or polished aluminum, and vertical glass panes, joined together by polycarbonate joints that ensure stability and tightness. The glass…
Parete attrezzata per archiviazione - riganelli


The Wall Equipment highlights functionality and completeness for every need in the office. Different types of storage modules are provided, the structure of which is made of melamine, which also allow doors and finish backs to be attached, according to…
metrica parete divisoria


Expressive in both glass and wood solutions, the Metrica partition wall combines high functionality with a wide choice of profiles and finishes. Equipped with the new acoustic panels, it allows the achievement of high soundproofing power. The equipability, interchangeability of…

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