installazione pareti divisorie in vetro - riganelli
Storage and partition walls


The K35 partition wall is dynamic, lightweight and versatile.

It consists of aluminum profile offered in 4 finishes white, black, anodized or polished aluminum, and vertical glass panes, joined together by polycarbonate joints that ensure stability and tightness.

The glass panes can be transparent, but also customized with etched glass effect films or decorations that enrich the working space.

In addition, the doors are available in hinged or sliding type, single or double leaf with central glass or double glass.

Thanks to the gaskets inserted inside the extruded aluminum profile, the K35 partition wall ensures adequate sound insulation.

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installazione pareti divisorie in vetro - riganelli
riganelli installa pareti divisorie ufficio
parete divisoria k35 - riganelli
uffici con pareti divisorie -riganelli
pareti divisorie in vetro per ufficio -riganelli
porta a battente in vetro parete divisoria -riganelli
pareti divisorie in vetro - riganelli
parete divisoria in vetro con porta a battente -riganelli

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