metrica parete divisoria
Storage and partition walls


Expressive in both glass and wood solutions, the Metrica partition wall combines high functionality with a wide choice of profiles and finishes.

Equipped with the new acoustic panels, it allows the achievement of high soundproofing power.

The equipability, interchangeability of elements, make it the most suitable partition wall to meet the environmental requirements of the modern office. A product of multiple solutions, innovative and practical in both assembly and end use.

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metrica parete divisoria
pareti divisorie in legno con finestra in vetro - riganelli
pareti divisorie in vetro personalizzabili - riganelli
Parete divisoria in vetro personalizzata - riganelli
Metrica parete in vetro con profili in alluminio - riganelli
Parete attrezzata e divisoria metrica - riganelli

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