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Coworking space: when is it productive?

Table of ContentsThree tips for an efficient post:Coffice: a new way of working.

Coworking is a booming reality.

An attractive solution for anyone who needs a space to work in, a specially designed environment to share with others.

In coworking you can collaborate or work independently. It is usually organized in an open space environment, but its furnishings must be properly designed so that it is functional for each type of user and work to be done.

For this reason, factors such as acoustics and lighting are very important as well as workstations in order to achieve a productive environment.

The choice of desk should not be underestimated, so we evaluate many aspects in the realization of our projects.

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Three tips for an efficient post:

  1. Choose “operational” desks. This type of desk facilitates daily operations because of its size, shape and equipment. In fact, the operational desk can be small, medium or large, simple or with a corner structure and equipped with top access for cable routing, lockable drawers and dividing panels.
  2. Insert some elevating desks. Adjustable solutions are most suitable when the same workstations are used by different users. In fact, each person can choose the preferred height while also having the option of storing it so that it can be set the same each time. The elevating desk also allows work to be done while standing or sitting.
  3. Study the Layout Carefully. It is very important to allow those who are alone to work without distraction. The layout of desks helps to achieve this. Through the use of partition panels or filing systems, visibility between workstations can be limited, promoting greater user privacy and concentration.

Coffice: a new way of working.

Through this new formula, work activity is encroaching outside the traditional office and landing in informal places such as coffee shops and bookshops.

The “coffice” (from coffee-office) for example is a coworking space set up inside a coffee shop, a fusion of work and leisure. This seems to be a more stimulating and consequently more profitable environment than other usual workplaces, thanks to the comfortable and convivial environment generated by cozy single or small team stations, new faces, scents, colors, natural light, coffee and wi-fi.

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In fact, in coworking spaces the first important requirement is certainly a good Internet connection, but let’s find out together what other factors are important:

  1. Providing seating of different types, such as chairs, stools, sofas, and ottomans, allows the professional to choose the ideal location each day to begin work with the right approach.
  2. The inclusion of sound-absorbing elements to reduce reverberation provides the acoustic comfort needed to maintain the required concentration, despite being in a crowded space.
  3. A plus that can make a difference is to reserve a locker for workers, a locked space in which they can store documents and objects, moreover facilitating their return.
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