Poltrona direzionale mr24_riganelli
Executive Armchairs


Mr.24 is an executive chair designed and made specifically for all those who need to sit for a continuous and prolonged time. It is designed for those engagements where the physical presence at one’s workstation must be continuous.

H24 in fact.

Air traffic controllers, health or public safety workers for example: this seat is dedicated primarily to them, but also to all those who demand a robust chair with uncompromising operational ergonomics.

Mr. 24 is indeed a well-designed and well-built seat that is stable, reliable and very comfortable. Designed to endure in comfort.

It offers top-notch performance in ergonomics, quality of workmanship and sturdiness. In addition, Mr.24 is comfortable even for employees weighing up to 200 kg.

In addition, leather-covered armrests can be added that are adjustable in any position: in height (110mm), depth (80mm), and width (2 x 50mm inward and outward for useful width adjustment.

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Poltrona direzionale mr24_riganelli
poltrona direzionale ergonomica -riganelli
poltrona direzionale ergonomica con poggiatesta mr24 fino a 200 kg - riganelli
seduta direzionale mr24 sedus -riganelli
sedute direzionali mr.24 -riganelli
poltrona direzionale mr.24 con poggiatesta regolabile -riganelli
poggiatesta regolabile per seduta direzionale mr24 -riganelli
braccioli regolabili 3d -riganelli
schienale imbottito seduta direzionale -riganelli
sedile imbottito ergonomico poltrona direzionale mr.24 - riganelli
poltrona direzionale ergonomica mr24 con supporto lombare -riganelli

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